Psycho Derby 2030 teams


Pacific Rollerdome
Saturday, June 1, 2030
Flying Aces logo The scrappy, scruffy underdog from the West coast has miles to go to regain its glory. The last decade has seen the team foundering at the bottom of the league, but recent changes in ownership have brought in a new manager, former child actor Hamilton Scoffield, who vows to revitalize their perfomance.

Starting Lineup

#13 -- Fey ‘Kamikaze’ Sankawa (J)
#81 -- Mortal Cindy (B)
#44 -- Dinah Might (B)
#XXI -- Swany Rivers (B)
#187 Psycho Betty (B)
#$19.99 -- Cheap Date (J-alt)
Homewreckers logoAs League Champions for 2029, the Homewreckers represent a formidable juggernaut. Key talent of Lizard Brain, a veteran brawler, and its tightly coordinated blocker line give the team a decided edge. Sources say there is trouble afoot, however, as rumors of intra-team conflict abound.
Starting Lineup

#66 -- Lizard Brain (J, B)
#1/0 -- Anne R. Key (B)
#240 -- Phyllis Stein (B)
#4/20 -- Miss Bee Haven (B)
#38DD -- Boobzilla (B)
#9mm -- Thugbellina (J-alt)